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Are you a holder of any antique goods? It may require your support even immediately!

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Time, communities and meteorological conditions may be merciless to old complexes and / or antiquities. At times they might request our support to start resembling their finest times again.

There are many specialists out there who can help you out assuming that you want to change appearance and / or functionality of an item, or even entire building!

Author: Geoff Peters

Author: John Menard

Renovation is the term widely used to describe an operation of change of condition, functionality of a complex (understood in a broad sense), what is, a modification in the form and / or size of the complex, and / or an extension, for the reason of reshaping and / or transformation for other uses, including almost always preservation and maintenance (treatments against the atmospheric factors, painting, waterproofing). The word ‘renovation’ occasionally invokes also the renovation of cultural heritage, which is an expert activity dedicated to stimulating the permanence of those cultural and artistic manifestations, by safeguarding them and recovering them effectively in order that they can be passed on to future generations by protecting their current use and respecting its historical, artistic and social significance. Decision-making in both cases is supported by a comprehensive multidisciplinary research and communication process.

The renovation refers to all those actions, which aim to facilitate their admiration, perception and use. In most cases, these actions change the aspect of the item, attempt returning the object its meaning, and preserve it for the future.