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Great offers for summertime flights trught the Europe

Author: Jaume Escofet
Since spring, a lot of people are planning their holidays. We are booking trips in travel agencies, reserving houses at the Baltic side, traveling to the mountains. But plenty of tourist, prefer to travel to different countries in Europe, using plane as a type of transportation. Here're two of the most popular destination of Polish people in a last year.

How my amazing husband prepared a ideal surprise for our honeymoon

just married
Author: 愛鸚斯坦
2 months ago I got married. Presently, I have great husband. I like tons of things about him. Nonetheless, if I was to choose only 1 things I really like about my husband is the fact that he knows how to surprise me. It wasn’t different when it came to planning our honeymoon. We were so busy previously our wedding, that we didn’t even have free time to think about plans regarding it. However, I figured out that my lovely husband did find a time for that and organized the honeymoon completely by himself. It was quite surprise for me! Thing that was also great was the fact that he selected a perfect location for the honeymoon. And by a word “perfect” I mean not only a perfect destination, but also a perfect accommodation.

Go to central Asia for a song

Author: Martin @pokipsie Rechsteiner
At the beginning of fresh year, plenty of people start to wonder about future vacations. Nothing weird in this, cause winter could be very hard on us, and we're longing for any warmer days.

Prepare for trip to Turkmenistan for vacations

Author: Thomas Nielsen
When winter is really unpleasant, we stArt to thinking about future vacations, yet in January. Nothing weird in that, cause perspective of tropical trip is really interesting surely.

Very crispy story on how I fell in love with Poland

Warsaw, capitol city, Poland
Author: Ronaldo Ferreira
Long time ago I used to work for a big corportion. I was pretty young and one of the thing about my job which I enjoyed the most that time was that I had a chance to travel a lot. I really liked the fact that I could spend 1 day in Barcelona, 1 month in Paris, and another month in Chicago. I felt like it was sort of travelling for free. Normally, I was living in London and I liked it. I had my apartment there, my friends, family and everything else that was making me content and what I needed to completely chill out after so lots of business trips.

What are the most important aspects related to the development of the field of tourism at present?

Author: Nicholas A. Tonelli
Growing number of people nowadays travel. For quite similar number of people it is not surprising as we don’t need to have significant amount of money currently in order to spend some time in foreign country. In most of cases then we are able to spend some money on cheap flight tickets and go to another country very cheaply.

What huge European metropolitan areas must we necessary visit?

Author: karlnorling
It is a recognized fact that usually traveling creates a lot of opportunities of fun and growth. Regarding to this fact we want to manage a long trips to diverse European cities just where we can see interesting places.

Travel to Poland – a possibility to get to know something about one of the most beautiful countries of Europe

travel to poland
Author: VladJanuary
Increasing number of people at present tend to be interested in travelling. It is proved by the fact that in most cases there is many different advantages waiting for people who would like to decide to move from their house and get to know another place. firstly, we should keep in mind that due to visiting other places we are provide with an interesting occasion to get to know what is the life in another country.


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