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Do you want to escape from your weekend routine? You might try these two destinations!

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You frequently come back from the office quite late on Friday evening, and usually have nosoecific plans for the already started weekend. You will presumably do some shopping, go to the park nearby and possibly meet with the same old friends. Most of your weekends look exactly the same and you have no idea how to change this sad routine. Nevertheless, we have some ideas for you! Why won’t you visit completely new places abroad? Weekend will be just perfect for that! Particularly for those two cities which we have selected for you!

A few reasons why you have to visit Poland this year

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Central and Eastern Europe becomes more and more fashionable between tourist. Poland, the biggest country of the region, is especially worth-seeing. Poland has a lot to offer to everybody, and it is not important you look for big, lively cities, historical routes or gorgeous landscapes. Consequently, it can be a perfect place for your holiday. This brief text shows a few reasons why this is worth to go to Poland.

Portraits starts to be greatly popular again!

obraz art deco
Author: Randen Pederson
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Everybody knows what portrait is. Many individuals associate it with rich people and old times, as they have seen portraits mainly in castles and museums during school trips.
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